Nowadays I think the society is becoming more and more focused on individuality and sustainability. And in my opinion design nowadays should improve that society. Design should support the sustainability, but it should connect people instead of bringing them further apart. Because individuality is great, but meeting other people on moments when you do not expect to creates moments of wonder, creativity and poetry. That is something we lose in this digital era. Many people are aware of that, and would like it to change, but the responsibility is not taken and I think it’s up to us, designers, to change that.

I would like to become a designer that creates surprising things that widen the view of society. Finding unexpected solutions is something that sparks my interest and I can see myself doing. To realise this I need to be in the middle of society and analyse societal changes.

I am not sure if I end up in the field of product design, but I strive for becoming a designer in a broader sense. In my career I would like to create designs using the design cycle, in the form of objects or illustrations. I would like them to be custom very relevant to the client and it should make people think and connect them. To bring this into reality I need to know what connects people, a very simple method would be to talk to many different people to see what they find important.

While doing that, I would like to strive for nuance in my designs. Not only the nuance of their purpose, but also the nuance of colours and materials. I am sensitive to details so this is quite an important aspect of design to me.

During my career I want to use new technologies to create and design. I want to stay up to date with new technologies because I get inspired by them and using them always opens up new possibilities and broadens my skillset. I think it is important in the creative field to stay up to date, because you have to stay interesting to clients or employers. And I can only stay interesting if I have something to distinguish myself. I think combining new techniques in unexpected ways can help to become an unique asset in the creative field.


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