Since I was a really small child I have had a big obsession with drawing, especially patterns. The re-occurring shapes apparently were very interesting for me. For four years I have been drawing seriously, trying to practice as much as I can. Starting with mainly nature, but now focusing on vehicles, mechanicals and other man-made items or buildings.

From my parents I have inherited an interest in culture in different forms. Since I was young I have seen many museums, from old masters to abstract art, and from historical castles to contemporary architecture. Besides that I have seen many theatre performances, also an incredibly wide variety. My father has a passion for photography and film making and this, together with all other activities in my youth has made me very visually aware and conscious of society.

When I got to the age of about 13 I started thinking about becoming a designer. I was obsessed with companies like Apple and was fascinated with aesthetics and how the design process went. I then started using using programs like Photoshop, as in my eyes this was a necessary skill for a designer to have. Therefore, I do now have more than 6 years of experience with the Adobe suite, something I still profit off to this day.

The more secure I got about studying something in the field of design, the more design related activities I started to do. I then started visiting the Dutch Design Week, reading up on design and doing small graphic design related jobs.


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