Based on my vision and my experiences from last year and Project 1, I have defined what  I want to do and what I want to achieve in the near future. I will tell you about my plans for upcoming semester, including my learning goals and the project I have chosen.

To begin with, for next year I have chosen a USE learning trajectory. This learning trajectory is called The Human in Technology and is about the interaction, psychology, sociology, cognition and more. It exists of three different courses. This USE learning trajectory fits very well with the statements in my vision. Namely seeing how technology can influence technology and vice versa.

Besides the USE learning trajectory I also have chosen a project. This project is called Seamless Interaction Design for Everyday Life. It is about finding problems that we have solved using technology, and solving them in a different way. In the course I will learn to rethink and redesign the way we interact with the digital world in our everyday physical world. That also fits well in my vision because it helps to broaden the view of society, just like I desire.

Lastly, my learning goals. As I have defined in my PDP there are some things I would like to achieve in the near future. First of, I would like to get more experience in rapid prototyping methods, more specifically, I want to get more experience in 3D modelling and 3D printing. These two are closely related and very useful if used together. Besides that I want to get more insight in the history of design. Furthermore I have defined less concrete learning goals in my vision about my role in group processes, and my long term goals as a designer.



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