Vision Development

As you can read in my vision I think society nowadays is becoming more and more focused on individuality and sustainability. And in my opinion design nowadays should improve that society. Design should support the sustainability, but it should connect people instead of bringing them further apart. Many people are aware of the alienation caused by technology, and would like it to change, but the responsibility is not taken and I think it is up to us, designers, to change that.

During this year I realised that most of the technology that exists, estranges us from the world, but that this does not mean that we should abandon technology. Technology offers an inconceivable amount of possibilities that we should embrace. However, the way in which these possibilities are applied nowadays should change.

Also, during the demo days I realised that I love how products, services and systems can connect people. When people tried out products on the demo day, and got new experiences, you saw people opening up to themselves, but also to other. That is something I wish to continue on in the future. I want to connect people not only through products, but also through a design process. A design process in which people feel essential and valuable and a process in which they will connect with others through new experiences.

During this year I got a clearer idea of what is valuable to me in the design process. To say it without nuance, for me it is about connection and interaction.



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