User and Society

Design has of course a great influence on the user and society. In my eyes my job, as a designer, is to affect society in a positive way. Therefore I need to understand the psychology of the user and current societal changes, this is also in line with my vision. To excel in this area of expertise, I need to learn how to be thoughtful in communicating with different user groups and I need to be respectful in both moral and ethical ways. This requires an open state of mind and awareness of cultural, societal, political and geographical differences and developments.

User and society are of course essential in design. They have a direct influence on what the interaction aesthetics of a product will be like. Thus, this area of expertise is very much connected with Creativity and aesthetics. Besides that, the user and society have a great impact on if your product or service will be popular in the market. This is of course incredibly relevant for the expertise area Business and entrepreneurship.

I developed this expertise area mostly during the course User Centred Design and Tactile Experience, it was very important in these courses to conduct user tests in a professional way and I learned a lot from that.


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