Technology and Realization

For me this expertise area is about bringing innovative ideas, concepts and experiences to life using fitting technologies. This study is about creating intelligent products, systems and services. To do that, we need to use technology, in the form of smart sensors, actuators, special algorithms and much more. It is important to have the skills to create simple technologically working prototypes and to communicate with engineers with other specializations. This communication is crucial in the business world, because there you have to work closely with engineers from different disciplines. That is also how this expertise area ties in with the expertise area ‘Business and entrepreneurship’. Of course also the user and society are vital to take into account when working on technology and realizing concepts. They will use the product, system or service, and therefore they influence greatly how a concept will be realized, and which technology will be used.

During the courses Creative Programming and Creative Electronics I learned a lot about using technologies like Arduino and Processing. I obtained much more knowledge about electronic components, calculations regarding electronics and I got more skilled in soldering.


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