Business and Entrepreneurship

An important aspect of design is creating significant products, systems or services that have worth to user, society and the economy. For designers to be economically significant, they need to understand how to create successful businesses, what the current trends in the market are, and how to be different from the competition. In my vision, not only design needs to be sustainable, but also business planning has to be sustainable. Otherwise a business cannot develop.

To make meaningful products I as a designer need to take all stakeholders into account. These stakeholders can be defined, using the USE-framework, within four different groups, the user, the society, the enterprise and the governance. I think I have a lot to learn within this expertise area, but most of my knowledge from this field comes from courses like USE-basic, and Project 1. The latter because we did quite some research into what similar products existed on the market and what made our product different. As you can read above, this expertise area ties in closely with User and Society. However, Technology and Realization also is crucially entwined with trends happening on the market. These market trends can also heavily influence the aesthetics of design.


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