Professional Identity Development

During this year and during this project, my Professional Identity changed a bit. As you can read in my PDP, an important characteristic of me is being analytical. This often results in correct judgements about ideas and concepts, but sometimes it can also be a disadvantage, because sometimes I am not assertive enough because of this. So during this year and especially during Project 1, I tried altering my behaviour to see if it would benefit not only me, but also the group process.

In group settings I am a stable person who is not overly enthusiastic, but I am critical, this helps the group to make rational and thoughtful decisions. It keeps the group from pitfalls. After making a Belbin test, I found that the results are in agreement with this image of myself. The test said that I am a ‘warner’, someone that guards the process and decisions that are made, someone who is stable and serious. During the project I have taken the chance to explore this role further, seeing if changes in my behaviour could alter the group process in a positive way.

I decided to not let one character dominate the group process during this project. I found that helped the process to be more fair towards everyone’s opinions. This connected people, something that is in line with my vision. During this project I realised I am quite good at seeing the similarities between people and their visions. This connecting role is something I want to continue on in the future.


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