Design Research Processes

For design it is important to follow a certain structure, to make sure the process happens effectively and efficiently. During the course From Idea to Design and Project 1 I have gotten a lot of insight in different design and research processes. I have become familiar with different ideating techniques, such as body storming,  comparing values, semantic intuition and a lot more. Besides that I have also gained familiarity with different ways of doing user testing, for example the Wizard of Oz technique, questionnaires and interviews. I have learned how to apply these techniques in a professional, moral and ethical manner.

During the course User Centred Design I have gained more advanced knowledge on conducting user tests, during this course we have conducted some different kinds of user tests, namely interviews, questionnaires and tests with a prototype, also using the Wizard of Oz technique.

In Project 1, I have experienced a full design process in about 16 weeks. To bring structure in this project we used a design framework which caused our project group to do more iterations than we would otherwise have done. Besides that it helped us to define our problem a lot more concrete, because the framework required us to give very clear input. This concreteness assisted us to create a more tangible and applied solution.

Due to following these courses, I have become more confident in working in design teams and have more understanding of design and research processes. In the future I would like to discover more of these techniques and processes and see how they can strengthen my design approach.


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