Areas of Expertise

Creativity and aesthetics

This expertise area is for me about using certain design methods to choose and polish ideas. It  is about getting a different view on what you’re designing by viewing things from someone else’s eyes. To be an expert in this area I need to be critical towards the aesthetics of design. These aesthetics are not only found in form, but also in interaction. To create designs that have a high quality in creativity and aesthetics, other expertise areas need to be taken into account. The user and society of course have an important role in what the design will look like and how to interact with the design. But also how design is going to be realised, taking technology into account is important.

In my opinion this area of expertise is one of the expertise areas in which I developed the most this project and year. During most courses this year, for example From Idea to Design, User Centred Design and Creative Programming, I have taken the opportunity to focus on the creative and aesthetic part of the design. I have gotten a lot of experience in prototyping, sketching,  woodworking, making posters, and using machinery.

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