Professional Identity

In collaborations I find that the most important characteristic of me is being analytical. I am someone that does not say a lot, but I tend to be able to make correct judgements about ideas and concepts. I can see if they are attainable and if they fit into the vision of the group. However, I tried varying my behaviour during this project.

In group settings I am a stable person who is not overly enthusiastic, but I am critical, this helps the group to make rational and thoughtful decisions. It keeps the group from pitfalls. After making a Belbin test, I found that the results are in agreement with this image of myself. The test said that I am a ‘warner’, someone that guards the process and decisions that are made, someone who is stable and serious. During the project I have taken the chance to explore this role further, seeing if changes in my behaviour could alter the group process in a positive way.

I think collaborating with peers is a functional way of working if it happens in a good way. Everyone should know their tasks and take their responsibility. Working together does not work if there are dominant characters in the group that tend to decide things without listening to others. If collaboration does not happen in a correct manner, it is not helpful and only delays the process. Therefore I decided to not let one character dominate the group process during this project. I found that helped the process to be more fair towards everyone’s opinions. This connected people, something that is in line with my vision.

When I am working on my own, I like to visualize ideas immediately, in the form of a sketch. This helps me exploring the idea. Sketching and drawing is a great way to understand shapes and forms and find out what points of attention are. Sketching is a skill I would like to be recognized for, as I like to do it a lot. I love the aesthetic part of designing. I always try to create drawings and objects that have a lasting beauty. That is also why I find myself to be inspired by history, nature, landscapes and romanticism. They were beautiful once, and still are today. That is something great that I strive for, also during this project.


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